Aviva was great to work with! She was friendly and asked for my input during the session to make sure I was happy with the look. She also gave a take away bag for touch ups in case I needed to fix something later on! I would definitely recommend her to friends and family.

— Aliza

Thanks so much!! We really loved having you. Your bubbly and happy personality really made the day calm and enjoyable. We also really felt that you cared that we were happy with the results and that you were willing to make changes until we'd be satisfied even if that meant that you had to stay a bit longer, so thank you so much!
I actually got a lot of compliments for my make up. A lot of my friends said you made it look natural and beautiful which is exactly the look I was going for.
The touch up bag was also useful and used later in the evening!

— Jenny

Aviva did the makeup for me, my mom, and my two bridesmaids for my wedding. Aviva was so sweet and professional from the trial until the wedding and really helped each of us get the look we were going for. She’s very talented and I loved my makeup on my wedding day! It also lasted very well!

— Ilana

Image by Element5 Digital

Aviva was just so incredible! She made me feel like the most beautiful bride . She is very patient and doesn't stop working until the client is satisfied. Aviva is professional, dedicated, and has a very calming presence - I cannot recommend her enough.

— Beth

I can't think of a better person I would have wanted to do make up for my sister's wedding day. Aviva was so professional yet so nice and caring, we all felt that she valued our opinions and catered to our desires. Aviva was a calm, reassuring and friendly presence to have around and we all felt glowing on the day!

— Ruthie

OMG Aviva, I cannot thank you enough for how happy I felt and how amazing I looked. I felt the most confident I've felt in a long time. My skin looked so clear, so natural, so amazing. My eyes stayed incredibly. I got so many compliments - so many people said to me my skin has cleared up! It looked incredible and stayed so well. I didn't want to take my makeup off! Honestly, I loved it and don't know how to thank you enough. You're incredible and amazing.

— Batsheva

My makeup looked absolutely incredible and I was so happy with how it worked out. Literally every single person commented on how awesome it looked.

— Lily

Image by Jazmin Quaynor

Aviva was amazing. She did a trial, and spent SO LONG making sure I was happy and that everything was beautiful. She came on my wedding day and knew what I wanted from the trial, and executed it perfectly, She is extremely talented and professional. She made me feel so beautiful! She is patient, sweet and a joy to be around. I will definitely hire her again!

— Rachel

First of all, I wanted to tell you that not only did I get amazing comments from other people after your makeup but I also felt really good about myself and the way I looked. Second of all, I wanted to tell you that it was a complete 100% pleasure and privilege to have worked with you. I felt like you really got me and that you were really doing what I felt comfortable with and the way I wanted it. Your patience was extraordinary (not that I think I'm so difficult but regardless) just your willingness to try differently or do things over and concern for me that I was feeling OK. everything from A to Z it was a pleasure to have met you. I hope that we will have other opportunities to meet.

— Sharon

Wow. Just wow. Aviva did the ENTIRE family for my wedding and EVERYONE was thrilled! She gave us an amazing group price and I am sooooo glad I didn't choose someone else. If you need makeup done for a wedding or any event she is outstanding (two of the people had terrible acne right before and you cannot tell at all in the wedding pictures!) I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you aviva! You made my wedding beautiful!

— Basia

So after having Aviva do my makeup several times as a bridesmaid, I knew I wanted to ask her to do my bridal makeup...and she was beyond amazing! No words! The makeup did not budge the entire night, she got the "look" I was going for perfectly, and Aviva was so relaxing to be around on the wedding day (including being flexible enough to let me eat lunch while she did my makeup!) I couldn't recommend her enough!

— Becca

Working with Aviva was great! She was kind, patient and fun to work with. She spent time making sure everything was exactly as it should be, even spending a long time to find the perfect lipstick color. The day of the wedding, she created a calm atmosphere and really made sure everything was the way I wanted. And the makeup lasted way past the time we were dancing.

— Eryn

Aviva clearly takes her work very seriously but at the same time she was lots of fun to have around. All brides are nervous on their wedding day and Aviva had a calming effect on everyone in the room. Did I mention that the results couldn't have been better. I am thrilled to recommend Aviva for the quality of her work and her calm yet happy approach. 

— Sara

OMGEEEE we received our photos back just yesterday and I love them all. Thank you for being part of such an awesome experience! I truly appreciate the time and energy you put into making me feel comfortable, gorgeous and ready for our photoshoot. The pictures are dreamy!

— Salina

Aviva is amazing and so talented! She listened to my ideas and made me look beautiful for my sister's wedding. I got many compliments and more importantly I felt beautiful. Her sweet personality and friendly manner made everyone feel calm and relaxed. She is a gem to hire! 

— Dalia

Thank you! My makeup was perfect even after all the tears! And the heat! I can't wait until I have another reason to get my makeup done again. I can't stop looking in the mirror and staring at these amazing lashes!

— Elizabeth

Image by Raphael Lovaski

Aviva really knew what she was doing and was able to advise exactly what would suit people. She was so lovely and calming to have around on the day and everyone ended up with beautiful, natural-looking makeup that lasted all night. Would 100% recommend!!!

— Chana

Amazing, amazing work! Aviva did wedding makeup for myself (the bride), my mum and my sister, and we all LOVED it. Such a pleasure to work with- sweet, professional and patient. Would definitely recommend Aviva for all your makeup needs!!!!!

— Hannah

Aviva is a wonderful makeup artist! She was easy to work with and more importantly I loved the final product, she made me look young and natural. I felt so confident going into the chuppa of my daughter's wedding. I strongly recommend!

- Karen

Aviva did my makeup on the day of my son's Bar Mitzvah and I was enchanted. She made me look like a better version of myself in a wink. She arrived on time and was available early on but doing my hair took longer than expected and she had to rush to do my makeup. She was a calming force throughout the process and is an excellent professional.

— Sophie

Aviva made me look beautiful for my daughter's wedding. She had little time and was in a tense situation with the hairdresser doing my hair at the same time. She was calm and calming and I looked beautiful.

— Michelle

Aviva created a fun and energetic environment and made me and my family feel like princesses! The makeup looks were beautiful and lasted throughout the event. 10/10 recommend.

— Tessa

Aviva was one of the first people I texted when I got engaged. I myself am a makeup artist and Aviva is always my go to for product advice so I knew she would do a good job. My skin looked clean and flawless and my eyeliner and lashes were big and sexy just like I had imagined my makeup for my wedding day. I am a very happy customer!

— Ali

Makeup with Brushes

Aviva is an amazing artist in addition to being an amazingly comfortable and fun person to have working with you. She is not nosey or pushy and doesn't treat your face like a canvas. She really listens and works hard to make your look come to life. I highly recommend her especially to nervous clients who may not have had the best past experiences.

— Anonymous

Makeup Brushes

Aviva is an awesome make up artist! She really knows whats she's doing, and actually does what you ask her to do. We're all super happy with our makeup!

— Miriam

Image by Taisiia Shestopal

You are amazing and such a sweet and calming presence to have on such a day, and you couldn't have been more perfect.

— Melissa

Aviva was amazing, sweet and professional! the makeup lasted all night and the eyelashes almost all week :) I highly recommend her.

— Elisheva

Aviva was wonderful - I had my makeup done for my daughters wedding. I cannot recommend her enough she was patient and professional . I was delighted.

— Ann

Image by Laura Chouette

Just wanted to say thank you so much. Really enjoyed and got many compliments. Job well done! Thank You

— Ariel

Image by Raphael Lovaski

The makeup was amazingggg!!!! I got sooo many compliments. Stayed on the whole night.

— Bracha

It was amazing! Thank you so much. It was such a fun experience and I really really liked the makeup. I got a lot of compliments.

— Raquel

I got a million compliments on my makeup - shout out to you!!

— Miriam

Image by Siora Photography

Thank you so much for doing our makeup! We all got so many compliments on it and it lasted all night long!

— Rachel

Hi thanks so much! I was so happy with it. It lasted great over shabbat! Thanks so much again!

— Sara

Thank you for being an all star makeup artist! I loved my look!

— Sondra

Thank you for an incredible job!! We all loved how we looked!

— Tali