Learn the tools and tricks to create a flawless look (all by yourself)

Get confident with your makeup kit. This is perfect for those who are looking to learn a full makeup routine, whether for everyday or special occasions. I’ll go through your makeup bag and advise on which products you may be missing and which you can multi-task with.

Let me show you how it works

In-Person Makeup Lessons

700₪ per session

In this two-hour lesson we’ll explore your bag and practice the perfect look.

1. We’ll start by using as much of your makeup as possible (supplementing from my kit where needed).

2. I'll make up one side of your face and you'll copy me on the other side step by step.

3. After our lesson, you'll receive a full list of recommended products, written instructions and a personalised video of the lesson.

4. You’ll also gain exclusive access to ongoing makeup advice from me!

Virtual Makeup Lessons

700₪ per session

Virtual makeup lessons let you learn the tricks of the trade from anywhere!

1. 10-minute chat on the phone to discuss what you want, which products are essential to add to your makeup bag, and which you can skip for now.

2. You'll receive a list of recommended products and buy what you need (I'll do my best to match you virtually).

3. One and a half hour virtual lesson, where I'll do my makeup and you'll do yours, copying me, in the look you choose.

4. I'll edit the recording and send you a short video with a voice-over and written notes so you can remember all the tips afterwards

5. You’ll also gain exclusive access to ongoing makeup advice from me!