Sparkle Up Your Skills - For Teens

Receive a curated list of the best affordable makeup, develop skills to look fabulous for every occasion - from going to school to filming your own TikTok videos - and re-watch your personalised makeup tutorial whenever you feel like it.


Develop Your Technique -

For Beginners

Makeup that gets you out the door looking and feeling gorgeous - this makeup class will teach you all the basics you need to know in order to look great day and night. You will be given recommendations to add to your makeup bag for every price range and receive an edited personalised makeup tutorial that you can follow along with every time you do your makeup.


Upgrade Your Look -

For Advanced Level

With an option to focus on eyeshadow techniques, contouring, winged liner or fake eyelashes, this is your chance to get one-on-one advice from an expert on how to master any makeup technique.

The class is filmed and edited into your own personalised makeup tutorial which you'll receive after the class, along with a list of fabulous makeup recommendations available in your country.


Glow Up Your Makeup - For Over 40's

Brighten up your makeup routine with fresh new products and techniques. Discover how to highlight all your best features with thin, invisible layers of makeup. 

You will receive a list of recommended products to Glow Up Your Makeup as well as a personalised video of the session so you can re-watch the session at your convenience.