Aviva Sireling is a qualified makeup artist based in Jerusalem, Israel.

Born in London and trained in Israel, Aviva is qualified by the leading college for professional makeup artists in Israel, Ravit Asaf.

"When I was 18 years old, I had severe acne, so I started to look into makeup in order to cover it. I soon became totally addicted and here I am today: an experienced makeup artist (with clear skin, thankfully!) who helps women feel beautiful everyday. I love that when I look back at myself then, I know that if I had not struggled with my skin, I would never have been a makeup artist. It was all worth it in the end!"

Aviva is experienced in makeup application for women of all ages, from flower-girls to great-grandmothers. Every look is created according to each person's unique features and style in order to make you feel gorgeous at your event.

Bridal Makeup Artist Jerusalem