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I make it easy for you to look your most beautiful

I enhance all your best features (and tweak those you may not love as much) while keeping you calm throughout. I’ll also turn up on time, provide a touch-up bag to keep you looking fresh throughout the day and speak in an English accent. :)

aviva sireling wedding makeup artist israel jerusalem


I believe makeup is a tool, not a mask.

You deserve to look and feel your best for every special occasion, without feeling like you’re camouflaged.

Many of my clients love looking great, but feel intimidated by the idea of looking cakey or overdone. And I totally understand them.

"Aviva was absolutely incredible to work with, I'm so glad I chose her to do my wedding makeup."

"She was so patient and helpful during the trial, showing me a bunch of different variations so that I could really personalize what I wanted. Getting ready for the wedding, she was so calm and just a pleasure to be around. I felt absolutely beautiful and my makeup lasted really well throughout the night!"


aviva sireling wedding makeup artist israel jerusalem
aviva sireling bridal makeup artist israel jerusalem

Minimal makeup, maximum beauty

My specialty is natural bridal makeup and hair and I’m grateful to have celebrated my 100th bridal client in 2022!

Every woman deserves to look in the mirror and feel absolutely stunning. With my positive feedback and genuine compliments, I help you step into your beauty no matter how much foundation you’re wearing.

I expertly apply the minimum amount of makeup possible for maximum effect so that your radiant features shine.

I’m always researching new products and techniques to create the most natural looking, waterproof and long-lasting makeup looks possible.


A little more about me...

Show me any makeup product and I will be able to tell you the brand and product name, what it does and the general price point.

Spreadsheets are my thing - colour coded of course!

I channel my inner dentist when doing clients’ lipstick - “open wide…and how was your holiday?”

I have a passion for cleanliness. The moment I get home from a job, you’ll find me sanitizing and re-organizing my kit.

I have a repertoire of makeup-related jokes that I rotate between all my clients.

I’ve done makeup on men more times than I can count: filling in beards; covering up spots; disguising a black eye, etc.

I’m a lover of hot chocolate and cold coffee. Mmm.

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